Flat Stanley for iPhone Version 2 is Here!

A must have for anyone who has ever participated in the Flat Stanley Project. Sending, receiving and sharing your favorite photos and Flat Stanleys has never been this fun! Join Flat Stanley on his latest adventure in his brand new redesigned application. Including a brand new User Interface and never before seen flat features!

Create Your Own Flat Stanley

Customize your very own Flat Stanley by choosing hair, facial expression, shirts, pants, and shoes in virtually any color. Brand new fun interface helps you make as many Flat Stanleys as you want. Once the Flat Stanleys are made don't forget to give them names and describe hobbies, favorite foods, and favorite places to visit.

Connect with Friends & Family

Get updates from friends and family on the all new homepage. Interact with others by commenting or liking their Flat Stanleys and photos. Sharing and connecting features make it easier then ever to share or find your friends in the Flatterworld network.

Take Photos Anywhere

Insert Flat Stanleys into any photo and resize them in the picture or take a new photo with Stanley using both the front and rear facing cameras. In the all new camera screen all of the Stanleys are available without ever leaving the camera screen. The option to take a photo using a paper Flat Stanley is also now available from the camera screen

Send Flat Stanley to a Friend

Send Flat Stanleys to anybody in the Flatterworld network instantly and watch their progress on a map and enjoy photo updates on your homepage. When they are done they can send the Flat Stanley on to someone else or send him back home. A Flat Stanley can only be with one person at a time to preserve the original Flat Stanley project.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. I used the app and uploaded an image but a few minutes later it wasn't on the Flat Stanley Project site. What happened?

A. All images are individually examined so inappropriate content doesn't appear on the site. We try to check frequently but occasionally some time may pass before an image is approved. If we are concerned about the content or if there isn't a connection to the Flat Stanley Project, such as a picture of one of our flat characters, it won't be approved. We invite you to try again with another upload.


Q. Do images have to have a Flat Stanley in them to appear on the site?

A. Yes, in order to be approved, your images have to have one of our flat characters, a picture of your own flat character, or some connection to the Flat Stanley Project. However, you can use the app to upload whatever images you want to your Facebook account or send them to your contacts as e-mail. We only are concerned about what appears on the Flat Stanley Project site, since it was designed for use by children.


Q. The new version of the app uploads to my Facebook account. Do you moderate or have to approve images I post to my Facebook page?

A. No, this does not apply if you publish to your Facebook page as we do not moderate your Facebook uploads.


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