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  • 2 days Ms.BDivision12 R

    North Vancouver,British Columbia,Canada

    Hello All!

    We are a wonderful group of grade one students at an...

  • 4 days kugelmom S R

    Los Angeles,California,United States

    We are third grade students (7-9 years old) living in Los Angeles, Cal...

  • 5 days Ecole l'Aubetin S R

    France, Metropolitan

    We are a class of 23 CE2/CM1 (we have 8 and 9 year's old) and we...

  • 7 days waka0827 S


    Hello My name is WAKA
    I am a teacher of international school in Jap...

  • 11 days Lilwahoo S R

    Washington,District of Columbia,United States

    Mother and two sons (2 and 4) who would love to exchange Flat Stanleys...

  • 13 days Holinski S R

    New York,New York,United States

    Hi! I have 14 sweet Kindergarten sweeties who are eager and willing t...

  • 13 days nehapande R


    Hello all,

    Thanks to this forum, we have been able to successfu...

  • 14 days TraciNicole R

    San Bernardino,California,United States

    Mother and daughter who love to go on adventures and would love to sha...

  • 15 days WingsArgentina S R

    La Calera,Cordoba,Argentina

    I have a class of 22 students aged 11 to 15. Would you be interested i...

  • 15 days awiese S R

    Saint Cloud,Minnesota,United States

    Hello, I am looking to send and receive Flat Stanley this summer. I h...

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