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  • 15 hours dboykin5 S R

    United States Minor Outlying Islands


    My class is very interested in learning about geography ...

  • 17 hours Katiakatia S


    My students and I would love to send Stanley in different countries an...

  • 17 hours Katiakatia R


    Dear Stanley ,

    We would like to invite you to Greece and to our...

  • 2 days karasmith S R

    San Jon,New Mexico,United States

    My 3rd grade class would love to receive and send letters. I only have...

  • 2 days gshjavon S R

    Durham,North Carolina,United States


    I am an pre-kindergarten teacher in Durham, NC looki...

  • 2 days Kelley Fineday R


    My class and I would like to invite 2-3 Grade 3 Flat students from fro...

  • 3 days Ariella R

    Minto,Alaska,United States

    We are looking to host a flat Stanley in Minto, Alaska. If you are int...

  • 3 days MichaelPursey S R

    Gwangju,Kwangju-jikhalsi,South Korea

    Hello! I'm a Canadian teaching in a public school in Korea. I'm helpin...

  • 4 days Ariella S R

    Minto,Alaska,United States

    We are coolin out in class

  • 4 days acg5941 S

    Morehead City,North Carolina,United States


    I am a college student, studying to become a teacher in ...

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