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  • 3 days MsBunders S

    Phoenix,Arizona,United States

    I am a 3-5th grade teacher in a Autism program in Phoenix Arizona. Our...

  • 3 days Ms.Katie S R

    Chester,New York,United States

    Hi, I'm a preschool teacher and this year's class is obsessed with ge...



    Hi, I'm an English teacher living in Reunion Isalnd, a French island i...

  • 4 days MissWolfenden S R

    Bolton,Lancashire,United Kingdom

    HI there!
    I am a Year 2 teacher with a class of 28 fabulous childre...

  • 4 days nadiazdo S R


    I am a Grade 1 and 2 teacher. We would love to receive and exchange F...

  • 6 days elikb S R

    Los Angeles,California,United States

    My son is a first grader and his class was given Flat Stanley assignme...

  • 8 days AustinH S R

    York,Pennsylvania,United States

    Hello, I am from Central York High School in York, Pa and we are tryin...

  • 9 days justynagach S R


    Hi there!
    I've got a daughter at the age of 12 who really wants to ...

  • 10 days Levi R

    Pennsylvania,United States

    Hey I am doing a research paper on globalization so if you could tell ...

  • 10 days kate_oxford S R


    We are an English-speaking primary school. Our students (aged 6-13) lo...

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