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  • yesterday crossfamily3 S R

    Tucson,Arizona,United States

    My son is 8 and is in the 3rd grade, he is home schooled th...

  • 2 days angelbeegle89 S R

    Alpena,Michigan,United States

    We are new to the Flat Stanley project, but we have three Flat ...

  • 3 days Almu2909 S R

    Sueca,Comunidad Valenciana,Spain

    Hi everybody!
    I'm a teacher of pre-primary school. My pupils are fr...

  • 3 days BellviewGrade3Dragons S R


    Hi Everyone!

    We are a grade 3 class from Brantford, Ontario, Ca...

  • 4 days Terrin S R

    Cambridge,Cambridgeshire,United Kingdom


    We are three Year One classes from Cambridge, England lo...

  • 4 days TeresaF S

    Arlington,Texas,United States

    "The Flat Rose Project"
    This is a project that I started ...

  • 5 days Desirae S

    Moran,Kansas,United States

    I have started the project with two students as a way to motivate them...

  • 6 days NannyAsha S R

    Erie,Pennsylvania,United States

    Hello! I have two young boys who have started a Flat Stanley project a...

  • 7 days MylesChanning S

    Wellsburg,West Virginia,United States

    Hi Everyone! We received a Flat Stanley via this site with no return ...

  • 7 days MissK82 S

    Casper,Wyoming,United States

    My boys (3 & 5) and I are starting a Flat Stanley project. We ...

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