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  • 2 days Lynn Durbin S

    Rochester,Minnesota,United States

    I got a flat Stanley from a pen pal so I wanted to show you where he i...

  • 2 days Knightolph S

    Vancouver,British Columbia,Canada

    Our Flat King Charlie Is looking to travel to India!! Can anyone help us?

  • 4 days FlatMaryPoppins S R

    Baltimore,Maryland,United States

    Homeschool family looking to exchange and or host traveler. Will be vi...

  • 4 days Caroline Bostian S R

    Winston Salem,North Carolina,United States

    We are a Kindergarten class from Diggs-Latham Elementary School in Win...

  • 5 days AussieJen S R

    Sydney,New South Wales,Australia

    We are a Year 2 class of 21 boys in Sydney, Australia, and we would li...

  • 6 days Auhjyoung S

    Anyang,Kyonggi-do,South Korea

    Hello, I am the supervisor of the school organization “FSEP (Flat St...

  • 10 days Greatwoods Primary S R

    Beccles,Suffolk,United Kingdom


    We are a class of 23 year 3 and 4 children (age 7-9) who ar...

  • 11 days KWilson S R

    New South Wales,Australia

    Our year 4/5 class would like to send their Flat Stanley's on an overs...

  • 12 days LauraConway S R

    San Jose,California,United States

    Our second grade class (21 students) would like to send our Flat Stanl...

  • 13 days SaintEdmondfrance S R


    Bonjour!! Hello!!
    We are a class from St Edmond's primary school in...

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