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  • 8 hours jdog787876 S R

    Canton,Georgia,United States


    My sister and I are both 13 years old. We live in a small t...

  • 8 hours lgirl9011 S R

    Canton,Georgia,United States

    Hi! I'm Leslie and I'm 13. I live in the rural areas of Northern Georg...

  • 3 days amandamcnew S R

    Licking,Missouri,United States

    I am brand new to Flat Stanley, but we homeschool and I think my kids ...

  • 3 days corellanar3 S R


    I'm 6th grade teacher in a school located in Chile. I would love to ha...

  • 3 days bergican S R

    Redondo Beach,California,United States

    I am a Spanish teacher of about 175 students who are are 14-17 years o...

  • 4 days TeacherLauren S R

    Alajuela,Costa Rica

    Hello all!
    I am an English Conversation teacher in Costa Rica searc...

  • 4 days Canningvaleesc S R

    Perth,Western Australia,Australia

    Hi, we are a year 6/7 Education Support Class in Canning Vale WA looki...

  • 5 days ggw_cat S R

    Liverpool,Liverpool,United Kingdom


    I have had a few Flat stanleys visit and my flat stanley ha...

  • 6 days MJ8205 S R

    Bristol,Virginia,United States

    My name is Michelle and I am a homeschool mother of 3. We woul...

  • 7 days Rick S R


    This is Rick.
    We're willing to host your Flat Stanley.
    I’m a ...

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