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  • 5 hours MrsGates1st S

    Tofte,Minnesota,United States

    Our kindergarten and first grade class is reading Flat Stanley, and we...

  • 6 hours vvalencia S R

    Margate City,New Jersey,United States

    I am a 3rd grade (ages 8-9) teacher in Margate, New Jersey, USA. I hav...

  • 2 days claudia12 S R

    Carlet,Comunidad Valenciana,Spain

    We are 3 Spanish students of 6th grade of Primary Education.


  • 3 days TEWIL0 S R


    I am a special education in Cairns Australia. I have a class...

  • 4 days barney287 S R

    Minnesota,United States

    My three students and I have just finished reading Flat Stanley's Orig...

  • 5 days Miss_Middleton S R

    Harlow,Essex,United Kingdom

    We are a class of 29 year 2 children (6-7yrs)from Essex, near London. ...

  • 5 days Scatesmates S R

    South Carolina,United States

    We are a classroom full of four year old kindergarten students, who ar...

  • 6 days brydiemerrett S R

    Mount Gambier,South Australia,Australia

    We are a Year 1 class looking to send flat stanleys somewhere... we ar...

  • 6 days Colem R

    Meadow Lake,Saskatchewan,Canada

    My son is in gr.2 and would love to receive flat stanleys

  • 6 days mshepard S R

    United States Minor Outlying Islands

    Good Morning to All!
    I have a Class of Life Skills Students grades ...

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