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  • 3 hours olsj_reception S R

    London,London,United Kingdom

    Hello! I teach a Reception class (4/5 year olds) in London. We're st...

  • 17 hours scrumpler S R

    Exeter,Missouri,United States

    Hello!! I am a teacher at our school in our after school program. My c...

  • 21 hours MrsSchmidtB4 S

    Philadelphia,Pennsylvania,United States

    Hello! I am a 3rd grade teacher in Pennsylvania, USA with 13 students...

  • 3 days Spowelluk S R

    Mansfield,Nottinghamshire,United Kingdom

    Hello I am a teacher from nottinghamshire, England. I would like to se...

  • 4 days VenetiaGonsalves S R


    I am Ms. Venetia Gonsalves, a Gr.2 teacher in Toronto, ON, Canada (at ...

  • 6 days Stephanieeast S

    Armed Forces Americas,United States


    My name is Stephanie and I am looking to learn more about d...

  • 7 days Jessicananny S R

    Winston Salem,North Carolina,United States

    Hello, I am a nanny of three boys ages 2,4,and 6. We have just started...

  • 7 days pammy_daza R

    Whitehall,Pennsylvania,United States

    Hello, we are a homeschooling family of a 2nd grader and Preschooler. ...

  • 7 days Talis S R


    Chers amis,
    Nous voudrions bien echanger Stanleys avec la France! S...

  • 7 days LauraConway S R

    San Jose,California,United States

    Our second grade class is starting a PBL unit that is focused on learn...

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