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  • 2 days Gnie51 S R


    Nous sommes une classe de Cp de la Marne, à côté de Chalons en Cham...

  • 3 days TLB75 S R

    Columbus,Ohio,United States

    Greetings! My son is in 2nd grade and we are looking for someone who w...

  • 4 days MrsJarret S R

    Seattle,Washington,United States


    I teach a third grade class in Seattle, Washington. ...

  • 4 days Ayan S R

    Abbots Langley,Hertford,United Kingdom

    Hi, we are a homeschooling family with an almost 8 year old boy. We l...

  • 4 days mchaney S R

    Edgewood,Texas,United States

    Hello I am Marcie Chaney I teach 7th grade English and would love to s...

  • 6 days lara1522 S R


    we live 1 h south of Lyon in a little city in Ardèche. I te...

  • 7 days Pastor.Daniel - Chaplain S R

    Queanbeyan,New South Wales,Australia


    I am working with a group of Grade 3-4 students in Queanbey...

  • 7 days fanny51 S R


    hello, I teach students aged 7, 8 years. We would send and receive fla...

  • 8 days smm521 S R

    Phoenix,Arizona,United States

    I teach 3rd grade in Phoenix, Arizona. I would love to host...

  • 8 days khamela22 S R

    Daejeon,Taejon-jikhalsi,South Korea

    Hello! I am interested in starting a Flat Stanley project with my Engl...

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