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  • 2 days jessperegreen S R



    I'm a 1-2 grade teacher and we would love to send and re...

  • 4 days ozlem S R


    we are 2-3 grade teachers from TED ANTALYA COLLEGE in Antalya-Türkiye...

  • 7 days flatluciana R


    Hey, there!
    I would like to host any Flat Stanley who would like t...

  • 7 days aburlingham S R

    Kingsport,Tennessee,United States

    I have known about Flat Stanley for years but I'm a new participant to...

  • 10 days Ms Drakley - Teacher S R

    Comunidad Valenciana,Spain

    Ms Louise - Coordinator
    Our Holiday Lab hosts around 100 children d...

  • 10 days Knightolph S R

    Vancouver,British Columbia,Canada

    Looking to trade our flat Stanley with another class. We are a grade 5...

  • 11 days Geeveston_Tasmania S R


    Hello. We are a Grade 1 & 2 team from a small country town in ...

  • 12 days aestevez56 S

    Pacoima,California,United States

    Hi I am the lead for a third-grade reading club with 25 students. We w...

  • 13 days Ashbree S R


    We are a prep class (5-6 year olds) and learning about other countries...

  • 13 days AdventureClub R

    Tampa,Florida,United States

    Good day,

    I am the director of a summer camp and part of our pr...

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