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  • 15 hours gulsahgumus S R


    I'm the teacher of English in Turkey. I have never participa...

  • 3 days agards S R

    Fareham,Hampshire,United Kingdom

    I am a Geography Teacher in a secondary school in Southampton, UK. I r...

  • 7 days Bean0113 S R

    Tacoma,Washington,United States

    I'm a mom trying to get my first grader's Flat Stanley to a...

  • 9 days voulakara S R


    I teach 4-5-6 grade of Primary School. I have about 35 students, who a...

  • 11 days Almu2909 S R

    Sueca,Comunidad Valenciana,Spain

    I want to buy the book of "Flat Stanley: His Original A...

  • 11 days EMazzini S R

    Decatur,Illinois,United States

    I work for a non profit organization that serve adults and children wi...

  • 13 days sballo3520 S R

    Brooklyn,New York,United States

    I am currently a 2nd grade teacher in a private school in brooklyn ny<...

  • 17 days Welshygog S

    Eastbourne,East Sussex,United Kingdom

    Is there anyone in Egypt wanting to host our Stanley?

  • 17 days Mrs. Grenier's Class S R

    Chesapeake Beach,Maryland,United States

    My class of second graders in Maryland, USA, would like to exchange St...

  • 18 days wuinchina S R


    I am a 3rd and 4th grade EFL teacher working in rural China as ...

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