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  • 2 days Shannonb3 S R

    Merrimack,New Hampshire,United States

    Hi I am doing the flat Stanley project with my son. We are very exciti...

  • 2 days mbreding S R


    Hello Friends!

    I am a primary school teacher in Hong Kong. Our ...

  • 3 days NicoleO85 S

    Hinton,West Virginia,United States

    My son is in 3rd grade and needs to send Stanley out to 3 places. We l...

  • 3 days Gabbyc S R

    Riverton,Wyoming,United States

    I am 16 from Riverton, Wyoming and I would like to send and receive fl...

  • 3 days sarahhp S R


    Hi.I'm looking for secondary school level to exchange with 3 8th grade...

  • 4 days TugbaTeacher S R


    I have 3 classes of kindergarten, we would love to host your Flat char...

  • 6 days MacTac S R

    Westfield,Massachusetts,United States

    Hello, my two children ages 5 and 7 currently have a flat stanley trav...

  • 6 days MFLC2150 S R

    Illinois,United States

    I am a Military Family Life Counselor (MFLC) at an elementary school i...

  • 7 days Lynderose S R

    Montana,United States

    I am a Teacher Librarian and I am partnering with the 2nd grade classe...

  • 8 days aruck S R

    Key Largo,Florida,United States


    I have a class of three fourth graders and four fifth gr...

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