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  • 2 days MS.Rosana S R

    Campo Largo,Parana,Brazil

    Hello, I am a 5th grade teacher and my students will love to send and ...

  • 4 days Yokosuka Gakuin R


    Are you interested in sending your Stanley to Japan? Our students take...

  • 5 days Ugo.piccoli S R


    hey I would send my flattened united state.
    I would like my flat th...

  • 5 days Accgr6 S R


    Hello I am a grade 6 teacher who is beginning a unit on Asia. We are l...

  • 5 days LilMissKitty98 S

    Palm Coast,Florida,United States

    Hey I was wondering if I could send my Flat Stanley all around the wor...

  • 8 days lucybon25 S R


    Hello friends! Our primary school is located in Milano, the North of ...

  • 8 days binky17 S R


    We are a Girl Scout Brownie troop in the United States that would like...

  • 8 days binky17 S R


    We are a Brownie Troop in United States that would like to exchange Fl...

  • 8 days binky17 S R


    We are a Girl Scout Brownie Troop that would like to exchange Flat Sta...

  • 10 days NaomiWiseman S


    Hi I have a class of 18 year 3 and 4 students. We want to send and re...

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