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  • yesterday NerdGirlKC S R

    Kansas City,Missouri,United States

    We are a home-school family (ages 2,4,11,11,13) and we are starting ou...

  • yesterday Mkolarik S R

    Noble,Oklahoma,United States

    Hello! We are a home school family who would love to incorporate the ...

  • 4 days Jessks S R

    Bangkok,Krung Thep,Thailand

    We are a small class of 10 grade 6's in a school in Bangkok. We...

  • 5 days misscrowther2017 S R

    Lower Hutt,Wellington,New Zealand

    Hi Everyone,

    We are a class of year 5 students who would love t...

  • 6 days Kiki_OakValley S R

    South Australia,Australia

    Hi all,

    We are a remote Anangu School in South Australia, Austr...

  • 6 days sste555 S R

    Durham,United Kingdom

    Hello all! Our school is taking part in International Week (w/c 19th J...

  • 7 days firstdaughter156 S R

    Long Island City,New York,United States

    Hello all! I am a 5th grade teacher who is looking to do a flat Stanle...

  • 9 days kechambers47 S R

    Scott Air Force Base,Illinois,United States

    I am the mother of Peyton and Eli, 10 and 9 years old. We would love ...

  • 9 days AMcCluskey S R

    Tow Law,Durham,United Kingdom

    My mixed age Year3 and Year 4 class of 27 children would like to send ...

  • 9 days StopperichStanley S R

    Lebanon,Tennessee,United States

    We are searching for other flats to exchange adventures with. Our fami...

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