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  • 4 hours Kristy.Clark S R

    Keith,South Australia,Australia

    We have a class of 27 students in Australia. Would love to excha...

  • 3 days Saraspinks R

    Oklahoma City,Oklahoma,United States

    Hello our class is made up of 15 children who range in ages from 4 to ...

  • 3 days Saraspinks S

    Oklahoma City,Oklahoma,United States

    My class just joined the Flat Stanley program and are wanti...

  • 4 days joy.redman S R

    Taree,New South Wales,Australia

    I am an Instructional Leader at Taree West Public School. Our sc...

  • 5 days Irishka S R


    My name is Irina. I'm from Russia. Live in Perm. I'm 26 old. I pretty ...

  • 7 days heathteacher S R

    Seoul,Seoul-t'ukpyolsi,South Korea

    Hey everyone!
    I'm about to have about 90 Flat Stanley/Flat Staceys ...

  • 8 days subinolivia S R

    South Korea

    I'm teaching English classes of 7th graders from South Korea...

  • 13 days Connor S R

    Charlotte,North Carolina,United States

    Hi! I have a 7 year old boy who adores learning about Australia and wa...

  • 21 days bluewave S R


    I have been working as an English teacher for years. I have two...

  • 25 days AMcCluskey S R

    Tow Law,Durham,United Kingdom

    My class of 6 to 8 year olds have just began their Flat Stanley projec...

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