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  • 8 hours gilles S

    France, Metropolitan

    hello everyone. I would like to send flats to any English speaking pla...

  • 2 days TeacherRebecca S R

    Sao Paulo,Brazil


    We are an Elementary and Secondary School in Brazil and...

  • 5 days Dianna Timmermans S R

    Blind River,Ontario,Canada

    Good morning! This year I will be teaching kindergarten and would love...

  • 8 days Raelynn07 S R

    Warner,Oklahoma,United States

    I'm posting this for my daughter. Her name is Raelynn, she is 8yrs old...

  • 8 days chhavijain S R


    I like to start collaboration for grade 2 and like to have ...

  • 12 days Elis S R


    Hello! I am a first grade school teacher my students would be very hap...

  • 14 days stewart3B S R

    Odonnell,Texas,United States

    Hello, I am a 3rd grade school teacher in O'Donnell, Texas. We are cur...

  • 15 days Room4Nannup S R

    Nannup,Western Australia,Australia

    I teach a year 5/6 class in a small school located in the So...

  • 17 days James Sullivan R

    Walden,New York,United States

    I am president of very small Non-Profit group here in New York State. ...

  • 21 days The Fellowship of Flatness S R

    Auburn,Maine,United States

    I am a teacher of grades 5-8 here in Auburn, ME. We just started getti...

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