Flat Stanley and Heifer International

Visit Heifer International on a world-wide humanitarian mission with Flat Stanley at your side

Download resources for teachers brought to you by the Heifer International at flatstanley.com

Send your Flat Stanley on an adventure of exploration receiving photos, comments and journal entries from families that have benefited around the world from Heifer’s mission at flatstanley.com

Menlo Park, Ca July 10, 2012 -- Heifer International and Flatter World Inc. collaborate on interactive experiences for students. Classroom activities are available to download for teachers and custom Flat Heifer Stanley and Stella templates are now available for download for $10 which a portion of the proceeds go to help families in need. Flat Stanley, an internationally recognized brand, is used to break through the boundaries of race, religion, socioeconomic status and culture to give students a chance to see how families and children live around the world.

Heifer’s Flat Stanley and Stella characters are also available on the Flat Stanley mobile application available in the App Store.

"Flat Stanley is the perfect way to relate complex issues to a younger audience,” said Martin Benik, Director of Business Development at Flatter World Inc. "We are excited to be working with Heifer International providing a unique learning experience for both kids and adults. The goal here is simple: we want to get kids engaged in literacy. Flat Stanley is a mainstay in education as the catalyst that encourages young readers to explore and help themselves through lessons learned through the Flat Stanley Project."

About Flatter World Inc: Flatter World expands the vision of the Flat Stanley Project to bring the values, ambitions and possibilities of the Flat Stanley teaching tool to the mobile platform and web. Flatter World’s mission is to connect teachers, kids and parents around the world in a unique multi-generational community focused on education and authentic literacy activities. In this community children will be able to share information, play games, create new ideas, collaborate and combine resources.

Martin Benik
Flatter World Inc
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Getting Prepared With Flat Stanley and FEMA

WASHINGTON -- The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) welcomed two of their newest “employees” today who are charged with serving as ambassadors to America’s youth. Flat Stanley & Stella are characters that have been created that help teach children across the world and represent a symbol of education and literacy. FEMA’s Flat Stanley and Flat Stella will help spread the word about emergency preparedness.

As part of the new Flat Stanley and Flat Stella initiative, kids will be able to follow the characters on FEMA’s blog as Stanley and Stella post and share their experiences. Along with the blogs, Stanley and Stella will create interactive spaces on the Flat Stanley website, and an official e-mail account at FEMA where parents can work with their children to ask questions directly about everyday work at FEMA.

"Flat Stanley and Flat Stella is a great way to relate the sensitive issues of disaster preparedness to a younger audience," said Administrator Craig Fugate. "Similar to what FEMA provides on the Ready site for kids, FEMA Flat Stanley and Stella offers a great resource to teach our children about the importance of being prepared."

In addition, FEMA and Flatter World Inc. have joined forces in a collaboration effort on interactive experiences for students. Along with following the Flat Stanley and Flat Stella characters through their experiences as being new FEMA employees on FEMA’s blog, a Mobile Application has been created by Flatter World Inc. that provides youth with state of the art interactive and informative experiences both inside and outside of the classroom in the area of emergency preparedness.

Children, with the assistance of their parents, will be able to download and create their own free customized character on the Flat Stanley website or through the Flat Stanley Mobile Application. They can share their experiences of creating a preparedness kit and their virtual adventure tour with other Flat Stanley users.

FEMA will now be a destination on the Flat Stanley Mobile Application so anyone can create a character and send it onto a FEMA tour and learn how they can get better prepared. Through the Mobile Application, individual characters can be created and sent on a virtual visit to FEMA showing how the characters interacts with agency personnel and field operations. The tour also allows them to visit other families who are working on putting together their own emergency preparedness plans and kits. Custom FEMA Flat Stanley and Stella templates are also available to assist in preparedness education.

FLAT STANLEY® is a trademark of the Trust u/w/o Richard C. Brown f/b/o Duncan Brown. FEMA does not endorse any non-Federal government entities or products.

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