The Flat Stanley Project underwent a major makeover in July of 2010. The following information should be helpful in navigating the site.

Q. How can I tie this in with the curriculum?
A. Over the years I've made quite a few suggestions for curriculum connections. Take a look here: Hints of the Week

Q. How do I arrange exchanges?
A. You may have family or friends who would be good hosts. There are always many people looking for Exchanges on the Bulletin Board. You can create an account here to announce your interest, or you can contact someone who has already posted a notice to exchange. If you do create a Bulletin Board account, BE SURE to add a hyphen and the name of your position after your name, as in: Mr. Hubert- Teacher. This is the only way I can tell you apart from spammers, and spammers are routinely removed.

Q. Is it necessary to register?
A. For security reasons the List of Participants is password protected. It is necessary to login in order to view the List of Participants. Registering will put your name on the List of Participants. Registration is only required to have your name appear on the List of Participants or to view the List of Participants. Other sections of the site do not require registration or logins, except for posting to the blogs. Unfortunately, the password for the List of Participants does not automatically grant you access to the blogs. To post to the blogs you will need to manually set up your own blog accounts

Q. How do I change my information or remove my name from the List of Participants?
A. Login from the Teachers & Adults section, then click on Edit Registration Information. To remove your name, click on either I don't want to participate at this time or Permanently Delete. At the bottom of the page click on Save Changes.

Q. Is there a cost to become involved?
A. The Flat Stanley Project is free. The only expenses are in postage. If you use smaller envelopes, they still cost only as much as a regular letter as long as they don't weigh too much. If you take part via e-mail, you don't even have to pay for stamps!

Q. Do we make one Flat Stanley per class or does each student make one?
A. That depends on the teacher and the students. Some classes might make only one and send it out, while other teachers would have each student, or small groups of students, make Flat Stanleys. It's up to you. One of the great things about the Flat Stanley Project is that it can be- it should be- adapted by the teachers and students who use it to best suit their interests and strengths.

Q. How many should we make and mail?
A. Unfortunately, Flat Stanleys get lost, so it's best to send out several.

Q. Can I send a Flat Stanley to anyone on the List of Participants?
A. Yes, but be sure to send an e-mail first and wait for the reply. Some locations, especially exotic ones, get overwhelmed. A school in France had 120 Flat Stanleys visiting at one time! Many senders did not ask before sending and the school in France eventually asked to be removed from the list.

Q. Do we have to call it Flat Stanley?
A. No. Students often name them after themselves so there are Flat Marys, Flat Calebs and Flat Pats being made and mailed.

Q. Do all the Flat Stanleys we make have to look the same?
A. No. There is a selection of flat characters on the Template section, but students may also make their own Flat Stanleys. Using a digital camera you can even add a student's face to the traveling Stanley so it looks the person who made it. Making your own distinctive Flat Stanley is one way to tie in with the arts curriculum.

Q. How long should we keep a visiting Flat Stanley?
A. Try to return Flat Stanley after a few weeks.

Q. I want to send our Flat Stanley to a celebrity. Do you have addresses of famous people?
A. No, I don't, but many addresses can be found on the Internet. Another skill that students develop is locating people's addresses.

Q. My principal wants me to take part in activities that highlight technology. How can the Flat Stanley Project tie in with technology?
A. There are many ways you can use the Flat Stanley Project with technology. For example:

  • students contact and keep in contact with other students using e-mail
  • students look up addresses of celebrities and people of interest using search engines
  • students take digital pictures of each other and print them out to be used as faces for the Flat Stanleys they send
  • students use a scanner to acquire then send a virtual Flat Stanley via e-mail
  • students use a paint program to create their own Flat Stanleys
  • students communicate with each other using the Bulletin Board or Chat functions on the Flat Stanley site
  • students can have their written work and art work published on the Flat Stanley site
  • students use a word processor to write their own Flat Stanley stories and adventures

Q. I am a not a teacher but I would like to take part as an individual? How can I do that?
A. Contact Dale Hubert to see if there's a way to make use of your expertise and interest.

Q. I am involved with [name of institution or place of work]. How can we become involved?
A. Contact Dale Hubert to see if you can be involved as a member of an accredited institution. Be sure to include the full name of the organization, the name of the most senior person, a complete mailing address, the applicant's name and a telephone number. The Flat Stanley Project is in need of a sponsor or partner.

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