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The Story of an App, Some Books and a Cow?

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Apps, Books and Cows… you are probably wondering what these things have in common. It all began back in February when we had two back-to-back non-fiction texts in our Harcourt Trophies reading book, At Home Around the World and Me on the Map.

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Flat Stanley & U.S. Solider's Journey

USA Today



The Huntsville, Ark., boy, along with other students in Wood's class, penned a note to accompany a paper cut-out modeled after the title character in the popular children's book "Flat Stanley." After being smashed by a bulletin board in his sleep, the book's protagonist makes the most of his new 2-D state by mailing himself to friends.

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Best Apps For Kids

New York Times



Superimpose a Flat Stanley cutout character, made famous by the 1963 Jeff Brown book, over a photo. Your image, along with a short greeting, is tagged with your location and shared on a Google map. Like a message in a bottle, it becomes a fun way to for a child to get a sense of world geography. 6-up, with supervision.

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Flat Stanley arrives at the NBC33 studios

NBC33 News



He arrived at NBC33 from Denham Springs. The kids in Ms. Corley's Second Grade class sent him to the station.

Stanley is going to spend a couple of weeks with us learning about the news business. We'll keep a little journal and then send him back home. For more information, you can log onto FlatStanley.com.

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Pre-K Students Mail Care Packages Overseas to U.S. Troops

Asbury Park Press



-- Pre-K students from Miss Theresa's class at the Route 70 Goddard School, http://www.goddardschool.com/Schools/Toms-River-II-NJ/Schools.gspx, have a new friend called *Flat Matt*, a child-friendly, two-dimensional pen-pal icon, inspired in part by the title-character from the 1964 book "Flat Stanley", written by Jeff Brown.

Since first being published, the *Flat Stanley* book has become a childhood classic, and children can't seem to get enough of the comic masterpiece, told and illustrated in a dry, matter-of-fact tone that balances its fantastic premise. It's a delight for both reading aloud and reading alone, and it is an ideal jumping-off point for early literacy and writing exercises.

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Flat Stanley project gives Magnolia students glimpse of mayor’s life

The Pearland Journal



When Magnolia Elementary students were learning about community leaders, they looked to an inside source for the scoop on city government.

Mayor Tom Reid of Pearland recently participated in the Flat Stanley Project with three Magnolia classrooms that were studying citizenship.

After reviewing different jobs in local government, students in teachers Susan Harris, Jena Felton and Ashley Jacobs’ classrooms mailed Flat Stanley paper cutouts to the mayor, requesting that he take photos of Stanley helping him with his daily responsibilities.

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This big world of ours just got a little flatter

St. Thomas Times Journal



He's been in the lofty company of presidents (Obama) and prime ministers (Chretien). He's scaled Mount Everest. He's rocketed into outer space and circled the earth 217 times aboard Space Shuttle Discovery. Hard to imagine after all that, but Flat Stanley now has hit a new height - one that can take him virtually anywhere. "Virtually - it's a good word," smiles St. Thomas native Dale Hubert, a London elementary-school teacher who 16 years ago took a two-dimensional children's character and turned him into an online tool for teachers to promote literacy.

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New iPhone App Shows Kids The World, With Flat Stanley

Read Write Web



I'm thousands of feet in the air, speeding across the United States, flying from Portland, Oregon to Austin, Texas. When I land, I'm going to send a picture of myself to my nieces back home - but it won't just be a picture of one of their favorite uncles in a place they've never been. There will be a familiar avatar in the picture with me - a Flat Stanley.

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Flat Stanley iPhone App: Beloved Literary Character Goes Mobile

The Huffington Post



Flat Stanley has come to the iPhone!

Those of you who know Flat Stanley from your younger years are probably thinking: Hooray, Flat Stanley! Those of you who don't know Flat Stanley are probably thinking: Um, who, or what, is Flat Stanley, and why is this nut so excited about him?

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Flat Stanley Goes Digital

Hack Education



Flat Stanley is the titular character in a series of books written by Jeff Brown. Stanley was given a massive bulletin board by his father in order for he and his brother to display their posters, photos, and the like. But in the night, the bulletin board falls down and, well, flattens Stanley. He proceeds to make the very best of his new form and has the sorts of amazing adventures you'd expect from a flat character in a children's book - sliding under locked doors, for example, and mounting himself on museum walls.

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