Letter To The Parents

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Flat Stanley Project in his latest adventure into the iPhone app store. We are creating an educational tool for children, so we take safety very seriously. It is our first priority to make sure kids have a fun and safe Flatter World environment. There are lots of features within the application that make it special and we have included a few safety features to help keep your kids safe and protect the Flatter World.

Flatter World Approval Crew

In order to protect our young users and maintain the overall integrity of the project, we have a specially trained crew that approves all content shared with the Flatter World users. We are serious about keeping Drug, Alcohol, Violence, Profanity, Nudity and all other forms of inappropriate content out of the Flatter World community and keep the experience fun, educational and safe.

Location Sharing

One of the great learning tools included in the Flat Stanley application is location sharing with photos on a map visualization. It is a fun way for kids to learn about geography and cultures. The share location feature doesn't have to be for everyone, kids can choose to not share their location if they feel it is invading their right to privacy, or feel it is not necessary. We have included the option to disable location sharing permanently in the privacy settings of the application if a user feels that they would not like to include that information with any of their photos. This way educators, teachers and parents can add content that kids can learn from while protecting the younger user's right to privacy.

Private Accounts

Users can hide their profile from the public by switching to a private account. This will hide all information about that user. They will still be able to create Flat Stanleys, take photos, and send Flat Stanleys but it will be impossible for any other user to follow or find the private account. Users with private accounts can still follow family members, celebrities and friends so they get fun Stanley updates on their home screen, but they can't be followed or found within a search. This feature helps kids who are not ready for online social interaction to still participate in the Flat Stanley project.

Private Photos

Photo sharing is fun and informative but it is not mandatory. Simply set the photos to private in the privacy settings to keep those priceless Flat Stanley photos private and not share them with other users on Flatter World. We understand the reasoning to not share photos and we care about the user's right to privacy.

These great privacy settings will allow all users to have a fun and fantastic experience while learning valuable geography and cultural lessons. It is also a great way to introduce kids to social networking by providing a controlled environment at a younger age. Thank you again for participating in the Flat Stanley Project and helping it succeed. Feel free to send any comments or suggestions on child safety to info@flatstanley.com

The Flatter World Crew

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