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From the creators of the Flat Stanley Project, we are Flatter World, Inc. Flatter World expands the vision of the Flat Stanley Project to bring the values, ambitions and possibilities of the teaching tool that is Flat Stanley to the mobile platform and beyond. Our mission is to connect teachers, kids and parents around the globe in a uniquely multi-generational community focused on education and authentic literacy activities, and to allow this community to share information, play games, create new ideas, collaborate, and combine resources.

Flat Yet Very Well Rounded

Flat Stanley is an iconic children's character that originated in a book by Jeff Brown, first published in 1964. In 1994, Dale Hubert, a third grade teacher in Ontario, Canada, began the Flat Stanley Project. He invited other teachers to take part by hosting "flat visitors" and to encourage their students to write their own Flat Stanley journals. In 2010, Darren Haas, a huge Flat Stanley advocate and applications architect, approached Hubert with the idea of turning the Flat Stanley Project concept into an app for the iPhone.

What's Next

In a very real way, Flat Stanley was one of the earliest social networks for children. Stanley has now traveled across the digital universe onto Facebook, Twitter, the iPhone, and beyond, into the greater Flatter World. Originating with Flat Stanley in all his digital formats, Flatter World is a social network which aims to link K-12 teachers, students, and parents and family members with the Flat Stanley character in an unlimited number of ways as a fun teaching tool which grants kids enormous creativity. The Flatter World network already consists of more than 4500 schools in more than 88 countries registered with the Flat Stanley Project. Flatter World, Inc. is incubated by US Venture Partners.

  • Executive Team
  • Board of Directors
  • Advisors
Dale Hubert
Chief Education Officer
Market Evangelist and Creator of the Flat Stanley Project. Dale has a Masters of Education and a Specialist in Special Education. He received the Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence
  • Favorite Lunch Food: Canadian Bacon
  • Last Photo Taken With Stanley: There never is a "last" one; I'm always onto the next one.
  • Coffee:Stanley and I enjoy a quiet cup first thing in the morning.
Jeff Pearsall
Chief Executive Officer
Previously a Visual Designer at mSpot Inc. and co-founder of Squiber. Jeff has a B.S. in Computer Science from Cal State Monterey Bay. Jeff is a young visionary with a goal to bridge the gap of social technology in the classroom and connect students, parents, and teachers all over the world. When he is not in the office you are most likely to find him with a wakeboard strapped to his feet behind a boat or snowboarding in Lake Tahoe.
  • Favorite Lunch Food: Ike's Sandwiches
  • Last Photo Taken With Stanley: San Jose Sharks Game on Opening Day
  • Coffee: Yes Please! Philz iced mint mojito
Shuhao Zhang
VP of Engineering
Previously a Principle Software Engineer at Nuance Communications. Shuhao is the major contributor to Nuance Mobile Care application which has been deployed to tens of millions of mobile phones. Shuhao is a mastermind of all things code and a proud father of 2, He currently lives in Montreal in the land of denim tuxedos and snow.
  • Favorite Lunch Food: Sunshine Pizza
  • Last Photo Taken With Stanley: Stanley came on a trip with me to Boston
  • Coffee:Philz iced mint mojito (jeff got me hooked)
Martin Benik
Business Development
Martin Benik implements business development and investment strategies, oversees all projects and maintains relationships with key partners. His work is grounded by his belief in creating educational based apps —allowing individuals greater opportunity to contribute to society and enhance their lives.
  • Favorite Lunch Food:Cup of Noodles and Pretzles
  • Last Photo Taken With Stanley: At the Stanford University Wine Mixer
  • Coffee:If it is iced I will drink it, if not I won't touch it
David Winarsky
Co Founder and Board Member
previously was Director of Marketing for Siri Inc. Prior to Siri, David was Senior Product Manager at Nuance Communications. David holds a B.A. in Computer Science from Duke University and an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin.
  • Favorite Lunch Food: Apples
  • Last Photo Taken With Stanley: With Baby Anders
  • Coffee:Prefers Hot tea and long walks on the beach
Darren Haas
Co- Founder
was the operations manager at Dejima, later acquired by Sybase. He is a co-founder of Change.org and was the first employee of Siri.
  • Favorite Lunch Food: Bread pudding from Orchard Valley Coffee
  • Last Photo Taken With Stanley: Swimming in a breadbowl of clam chowder in sf
  • Coffee:I really like fruity girlie drinks so I ask for extra whipped cream on my non fat lattes
Mikael Berner
is an EIR at US Venture Partners. He was CEO of BeVocal sold to Nuance. At Nuance he was GM of the Enterprise Business a $300M+ business. He has a Masters in EE from Cornell. He serves on the boards of Berner International, FlatterWorld, Agent8, EdCaliber and Yap. He also serves as Director and Head of the Development Committee for FACES, a non-profit helping children overcome bias and bullying.
  • Favorite Lunch Food: Super delicous Salads from the Spa Cafe
  • Last Photo Taken With Stanley: between 2 slices of bread
  • Coffee:1 cup is not enough I fill my silverwater bottle that I take "EVERYWHERE" full to the brim with coffee
Steve Tran
is an active angel investor and currently advises and serves on the boards of a variety of start-ups. Steve was the Co-Founder of BeVocal Inc.and later the VP of Strategy and Business Development at Nuance Communications. He is the father of a pair of precocious, semi-spoiled toddler twins and loves tennis and shiny new gadgets.
  • Favorite Lunch Food: Fuddrucker's Buffalo Burger
  • Last Photo Taken With Stanley: Stanley helping my toddler son with potty training
  • Coffee:Green Tea
Karin Forssell
is Program Director for the Learning, Design, and Technology Master's Program, and a Lecturer in the School of Education at Stanford University. She studies the choices people make in learning new technology applications, with a special focus on teachers and students using technology in schools.
  • Favorite Lunch Food:yes, please!
  • Last Photo Taken With Stanley: Stanley came with me on my last bike ride and I was able to take a quick pick at a stop light
  • Coffee:I'm strictly a social drinker.
Marc Ginsberg
Trustee of Jeff Brown Trust. Marc is also currently owner and manager of commercial and residential real estate, consulting practice. Previously Marc was Partner in the law firm of Waller, Smith and Palmer in New London, CT.

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