Now Flat Stanley and Flat Stella Can Tour an Organic Farm

Families now have a fun way to learn about organic farming through a new tour option on the Flat Stanley app. The organic farm tour aims to inspire families about learning and celebrating the benefits of organic farming, as well as to educate them on how to make conscious choices that preserve and protect precious natural resources. While taking the tour, visitors will find answers to questions such as:

  • Where does food come from?
  • What does organic mean?
  • What makes a farm organic?
  • What makes a great farm ecosystem?
  • Which fruits and vegetables are in season?

The digital programs are also supported by a collection of in-classroom activities intended to excite the next generation about the importance of organic farms and foods.

Why Choose Organic?

To learn more about program sponsor, Cascadian Farm, and its commitment to organic farming and sustainability, watch the video above and visit the Cascadian Farm Website.

Make a character on our mobile application and visit the organic farm to learn more about organic food.

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