Flat Stanley and Flat Stella Connect with DHS

Flatter World and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have joined forces to teach younger generations about ways to improve safe online practices and avoid cyberbullying. The DHS/Flat Stanley collaboration will provide kids with cybersecurity information using state of the art interactive and informative experiences both inside and outside of the classroom.

DHS Flat Stanley & Stella are characters created to help teach kids about being aware of risks online, and to provide tips to improve cybersecurity.

Children can download and create their own customized character from the website or Flat Stanley mobile app. Then they can share their experiences and reveal their adventure with other Flat Stanley users.

DHS Flat Stanley & Stella are now available on the Flat Stanley Mobile Application so anyone can create a character and send it on a tour of the internet. On the tour, kids can send their characters to visit DHS headquarters and travel the internet to different situations on computers and devices where kids could run into risk.

Download your DHS Flat Stanley or Stella today!

Being Safe Online With The Flat Stanley App

DHS Flat Stanley and Flat Stella can prepare your kids and students for some of the risks they may encounter on computers and devices. Being aware of risks and threats online, and taking the steps to stay safe, can protect kids from many of the common cybersecurity dangers and help them become better cyber citizens.

Being safe online means remembering that a wide variety of devices from gaming devices to printers may have an internet connection. You can go to DHS.gov/StopThinkConnect and find all of the tools and information you need to prepare your home, family and school.

Understanding Cybersecurity With The Flat Stanley App

Make a character on our mobile application and visit the DHS heaquarters to gain tips on how to be safe online.

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Be Cyber Aware

Cyber risks and threats exist on computers, tablets, cellphones and anything that connects to the internet.

Learning to follow safe online practices will allow you to be safe in cyberspace and avoid many of the dangers online.

While Flat Stanley & Stella teach important tips, visit the DHS Stop.Think.Connect. website for more ways to protect yourself online.

DHS Stop.Think.Connect. Website

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