Flat Stanley and Stella Go Green Package Includes

  • 2 Flat Stanley Earth Day activites and learning objectives for use in your classroom designed by Dale Hubert
  • Official Flat Stella and Flat Stanley Earth Day characters
  • A printable certificate to celebrate a tree planted on behalf of your classroom for earth day

The Flat Stanley Project and Earth Day – what a perfect combination!

For many years the Flat Stanley Project has been helping kids develop literacy and communication skills and has built a world-wide community where people from different places recognize their similarities and celebrate their differences. Flat Stanley is like the ultimate mutual friend – everyone seems to know him. And now your flat friend is asking you to do something important. Flat Stanley is asking you to think about your place in the world and your impact on the planet. Unfortunately, it seems the grown-ups haven't done a very good job of looking after the Earth. There's pollution in the air, the oceans have all kinds of garbage in them, and even some neighbourhoods look pretty disgusting. But Flat Stanley is telling you to not become upset or depressed or worried about the problems of the world but to do something to help make things better and Earth Day is the perfect way to start.

Take a look at some of Flat Stanley's Earth Day ideas, then try to come up with your own. Thank you!

Dale Hubert

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