Flat Stanley and Flat Stella Take a Journey to Hewlett Packard

Flatter World and the world's largest computer company, Hewlett Packard (HP) are working together to teach you about computers, HP's history and how to treat the environment with respect like HP. The HP/Flat Stanley collaboration will continue to provide kids with state of the art interactive and informative experiences both inside and outside of the classroom.

Stanley doesn't this garage look small?  HP started in this garage and is now the largest computer company in the world.  Hey Stanley you are flat, can you fit under the garage crack?

Look it's Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard from a long time ago. This photo was taken in their factory. The Oscillator was their first product and Disney was their first customer? I wonder if Mickey Mouse was in it?

Did you know that HP likes to volunteer in the community?  Stanley helped the HP employees from Arkansa build bikes for children of local military families. Each bike included a personal handwritten note of encouragement from the HP "bike building" team. It feels great to help others, doesn't it Stanley?

HP has known for a long time how important it is to protect the Earth. HP took Stanley to their recycle center to show how to recycles computers. HP is one of the top green companies, and always wants to keep the Earth a happy place by recycling. Thanks Stanley for your help recycling.

All aboard! Stanley is getting ready to ride the train to our next location. Did you know that the graphics for this train were printed using an HP printer?  I wonder what else they can print?  Go HP!

Stanley is visiting the HP media gallery at the Newseum museum in Washington DC. Look, Stanley is dancing with Jennifer. HP is making technology fun!

Stanley has arrived at the HP testing facility.  Today, Stanley helped out with testing of the laptop hinges.  They must have opened and closed the laptops a thousand times.  Those hinges sure are strong Stanley!

Hey, Is that a Nascar car? Stanley is watching Chris put a printed decal on the car. Did you know HP printers created this decal on a large format printer ??  That's amazing!

Stanley is working in the server room today.  Stanley had the job of connecting all these wires at the HP server facility. What an important job!! Thanks for your help Stanley.  Did you know that server rooms like this power the internet?

In California, Stanley helped HP volunteers improve the Bay area wetland habitat through an ongoing wetland restoration projects. Stanley learned about removing non-native plants and helped transplant seedlings at the native plant nursery. Great job Stanley!

Stanley is getting a sneak peak at the internal parts of a computer. Did you know that each silver spot on this circuit board has a job so the computer runs?  It's like a brain telling the computer what to do.  HP provides special instructions that are unique to HP computers, so their computers get things done faster.

The new HP Z1 workstation!  DreamWorks teamed up with HP to make this amazing movie using HP computers. Look Stanley that is Marty from Madagascar 3 Europe's Most Wanted. Have you seen the movie yet?

Look Stanley is helping out at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). This is where companies stocks are bought and sold every day. Like Facebook and Twitter, the NYSE's computers have to always work. The NYSE trust HP's very powerful HP servers to (computers) run the NYSE. Careful Stanley don’t step on someone’s keyboard.

Are photos stuck on the phone or computer? You can print photos as you take them, awesome! Stanley is having fun printing photos with the Clark family on a portable HP photo printer.

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