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11 Fun things to do with Flat Stanley in the classroom

My Flat Self
Each student creates a personalized Flat Stanley or Flat Stella to represent their Flat Self. This Flat Self is then named after the student who created it and will serve as a personalized name tag. If students were to make several they could be used for other purposes.
  • Visual Arts
  • Language Arts
  • Fine Motor Skills
A Flatter Attendance
Use Personalized Flat Stanleys from the first week to assist in taking attendance. Each student uses Flat Stanley to keep track of attendance.
  • Classroom management
Flattered Emotions
Each student creates a selection of Flat Stanleys that represent a range of emotions. This can be an entire Flat Stanley, or a series of interchangeable faces.
Flat Stanley, Flat Stanley, Flat Stanley
Flat Stanley, Flat Stanley, Flat Stanley Using only the letters that appear in "Flat Stanley, Flat Stanley, Flat Stanley," students, either individually or in small groups, are to write as many words as they can think of in two minutes.
Create Symmetrical Flat Stanley
Create as many similes as you can for Flat Stanley and his family; expand to other situations
Empathetic Stan
Write from Stanley's point of view what it must be like to be different.
Stanley Angles
Use Flat Stanley to demonstrate acute, obtuse and right angles and that the sum of the angles equals 180 degrees.
Flat Stanley Greeting Card
Use Flat Stanley as ambassador of sending Merry Christmas wishes and Season's Greetings
Time Traveling Stanley
Flat Stanley the Social Studies Time-Travelling Pioneer Students make paper Flat Stanleys, dress them in authentic outfits of various historic time periods, then send them back on a virtual time-travelling experience along with a journal
Units of Measurement
Create Standard Unit of Measurement Flat Stanley Students or the teachers make Flat Stanleys where each part of Stanley is a multiple of a standard measure. For example, the length could be 20 cm, the width 10 cm, his legs 3 cm wide and his arms 2 cm wide. The measurements of every part of Stanley would be labelledon the backand represent a specific distance. It would be the Swiss Army Knife of measurement. With a standard measured Flat Stanley on every child's desk, each student would have a reference for estimating distances. They would get a sense of metric measurement with this real life estimating tool.

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